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Meet the Team

The Opulence Group is a full service Real Estate team committed to providing a luxury experience and exceeding expectations. Our systems and intense organization help us to serve our clientele without sacrificing their importance. We believe that every client deserves to have an expert on their team, therefore we commit to the best training and educational advancement of this industry.

As your Real Estate partners, we want you to know that we continue to explore this city– ensuring you make a sound, wise decision on your next best investment. We are passionate about building generational wealth, cultivating leaders within our team, and dedicated to clients.

Meet the Team

Ashley Edwards, Principal Realtor

Ashley Edwards is an award winning Realtor that works to serve her clients and community with a level of excellence. Even though her career path started differently, it groomed her to be the Realtor that she is today. Her discovery of self motivation was shown when she led with the goal of conquering her undergraduate degree in 3 years, and making it happen despite any and all adversity. Not only is she a dynamic business woman, she is also a Woman of God, devoted wife, and a mom to 4 “littles”. Her ability to run a business, manage a household, serve as a wife, and cultivate her children, has taught her a great deal about systems and organization. Her system over self mentality is one of the operating standards of her life. Ashley prides herself on serving all buyers and sellers in the Memphis area, and as your Realtor, you can count on an experience that is not only organized, and meticulous, but one that will also leave you educated.

Randall Edwards, Realtor and Director of Technical Operations

Randall Edwards was born and raised in Memphis, TN. In his early pre-teen and teenage years, due to various family hardships and being the oldest of 5 children, Randall had to work to help his elderly grandmother who was caring for the children. These hardships are what drove Randall to have the unrivaled work ethic that he has today. Randall also helped out frequently at Love and Charity homeless mission and shelter, where he developed a deep passion for helping the homeless and less fortunate. Randall is a devoted husband, loving father, and active member in his church organization, where he serves on the media/production team. As a Realtor servicing the greater Memphis area, Randall uses his “by any means necessary” work ethic and “shirt of his back” mentality to provide an exceptional experience for his clients.