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Ashley Edwards is an award winning Realtor that works to serve her clients and community with a level of excellence. Even though her career path started differently, it groomed her to be the Realtor that she is today. Her discovery of self motivation was shown when she led with the goal of conquering her undergraduate degree in 3 years, and making it happen despite any and all adversity. Not only is she a dynamic business woman, she is also a Woman of God, devoted wife, and a mom to 4 “littles”. Her ability to run a business, manage a household, serve as a wife, and cultivate her children, has taught her a great deal about systems and organization. Her system over self mentality is one of the operating standards of her life. Ashley prides herself on serving all buyers and sellers in the Memphis area, and as your Realtor, you can count on an experience that is not only organized, and meticulous, but one that will also leave you educated.